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“The Power of Fate”


By Clerick Omo Alfa 


Imagination returned to me;

the image of my childhood friend,

The surging excitement of his existence never failed

to distinguish him from a friend,

We studied together and aimed to acquire treasure,

It was a memory of excitement,

bewilderment and deep pleasure.


My childbirth surpasses his birth with a year,

My family and his generation are near and dear,

We grew up under the canopy of light,

Dutiful to parents, family and

friends is our delight.


Observing the obligatory

prayers was enjoined on us,

We were taught to do away with some matters that are superflous,

And not to be bystanders in time of violence,

But to involve in preventing violence

in time of turbulence.


Before we part; we’re imitating the rightful path,

Till that fateful day

when I crossed his path,

I found him in the midst of hoodlums,

He forgot how we spent our childhood and

abandoned our norms.


He once dreamed to be among the Superstars,

What a bad fate!

He became the leader of gangsters,

It was quite excruciating to witness

how he was killed like a bat,

A lowly creature to be mocked and laughed at.



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