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“My First Job”


By Maung Mohammed Anas @ Aung win


A new way and a new day

A bright day,

This is my first day,

something special unlike other days.


New opportunities will arise

A new job, I choose

My new craze,

I will have protection

I can erase my tension

And manage my depression.


For a new job

I wish all the luck for

All the best for day

Never showing off my snob.


No success without sweats

A new role to begin, by a new way

Whatever will be, I will follow the life pathway

To become my best of me.


A new job is a new life

A new role in me for life

I have achieved a lot in life

I should have a spirit to achieve in life

There are still certain things, yet to achieve for

I can play relying on my potential

Cause I had a confidence within me.



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