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Words of A Blind

By Mujibur Rahaman

What is called the light?
Can I taste it to make snacks?
The tasty light, I think I could bite.

What is called the creature?
Can I feel it to gather?
Why silence, being you are a teacher.

What is called future?
Can I taste it to make lunch?
Is it edible or a kind of picture?

What is called a dream?
Who can have and what is the structure?
I guess, it is like an ice-cream.

What is called the love?
Is it to feel or to eat?
I can’t see it as I don’t have a heart.

Where! Where is my home?
Can I go through or difficult to?
On the way, there might be a storm?

I wish I could see the world
Just once before I die
I’m hurting.
As in between, there is a wall.


Sn- May, E-03
The Art Garden Rohingya 

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