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I’m Barred

By Mg Latt

Tell me what it is called freedom
Which I can never enjoy
You say you can go and come freely,
Wherever you wish easily

Whenever I think about it,
I, myself floating in daydreaming
I can never imagine what freedom can be,
And the picture of it, which you explain to me

Barred in a narrow circle,
I try to put mine into another frame of mind;
I can never imagine,
Instead I find whether the world is getting smaller

Let not tell me with what you boast,
It is called the blessing of freedom;
Which I can never taste of
I can stand as my mind harden.

I see the planes fly overhead,
But I don’t know where they go
Whom they fly with
While I lose in willingness

In result, my unconscious mind alerts
I am in my specific world.
My daily experiences prove me
The earth is from the east month to the west.

The Art Garden Rohingya

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