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A Lifeform

By Zayed Jack

Since my natal initiate
A tax on me as newborn
Delivery is on the ground
No midwife at home
As no entry for the clinic.

Grow up without vaccination
The lockjaw keeps me unwell
Pain is everywhere
But treatment is nowhere
My infancy sparks with lava.

At the time of the school age
I am called a bad egg
Teacher reads me wrong book
Classmate wages the vendetta
Exercise with immorality in school.

New subjects are added along
Subject of racism
Subject of bigotry
Such knowledge makes brainwash
As canonical data from primary level.

The growing pains till grow up
A sleepy night rolls to vigil
A bright day alters to gloom
Then, turns all against me
Feel as, today is a doomsday,

When the body needs energy
My food plate is kicked out
Very hard to take breath
Feel someone strangles me hardly
The awful onus weighs me down,

The mask wraps around my eyes
Not to see the beauty of nature
My painful voice keeps as inaudible
As shut my mouth with gag
Thus, lock me up in a burning cage.

No place to complain the cruelty
Where the justice is sweltering
Humanity is a new word
Bloodshed is a favorite sport
Honestly is the worst policy.

Want to be reincarnated as a human
Only to sense what is peace
Though failed to realize it for years
Under the barbarism
Under the militarism.


About the Poet:
Zayed Jack is a Multilateral Video Translator of A.G Translate Agency (Russia) and Freelance Writer at Burma Times.

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