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By Shahid Abbas

Lay your weary head upon my chest
I come to you wanting nothing but love
Tell me all the secrets and sins
Which eat away your soul
Let your worries fall away
Like leaves from a tree in wind 
I am aware that you feel alone
And you are all on your own
It doesn’t have to be that way
I am here for you always
And will never betray
You can fully trust me
For I come to you
With a love that is pure and true
Feel free to let it all out
But not to take thyself away from me
I understand with compassion
I have faced the darkness too
I know doubt, guilt and regret so
We all be weep foolish mistakes
Hopefully by listening to me
I may ease some of the pains
Offer you some consolations 
And show you that you are never alone
For you are dearly to me

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