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White Roses

By Mayyu Ali

In this moment, at this time 
An untasted atmosphere spreads in Myanmar’s metros
Where is the fragrance coming from?
Is it the breeze from Paradise?

Monks, peace lovers and social activists 
Standing at entrance of mosques
Holding white roses in their hands
Sending Metta to Muslim brothers and sisters

In our Burmese sense, 
White represents for purity
A colour in our National Flag
A colour our people adore

These white roses, so real and colourful 
Symbols of love and peace
A show of interfaith solidarity
Sharing respect, love and synergy

Rays of new hope 
Brand-new humanitarian spirits
Promoting coexistence and harmony
Resilience towards hatred and extremism

Whilst white roses exchange hand to hand 
Let love and kindness transform heart to heart
Let trust replace fear
May the White Rose campaign make a White
Nation of Myanmar?

About Poem: ​: On May 16, 2019, a nationalist mob descended in Yangon to shut down Muslim’s Ramadan prayers. The next day, a monk showed up to hand white roses to Muslims after prayers. Since then, some Burmese interfaith activists have been running the ‘White Rose Campaign’ around cities in Myanmar to show solidarity with Muslims.

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  1. KO ABDULLAH - August 8, 2019

    Though I am from a poor community(Rohingya ), I am cheer up to have professional poem writers around me.

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