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It’s 30th August, 2017

The sun was rising

Some of our villagers,

went out for morning walk

Others working in farm


“Bang, bang”

All were running in fear

First it was in north side

We left everything

And ran away with what in hands

Kids were screaming “Ba Ba, Ma Ma”

Some were crawling

Others falling like leaves in wind


Many were murdered

Many burnt alive inside house

Some escaped but

Parts of their bodies;

fingers, heads, and legs

remain in the land where they dream to walk like men


The dogs hit many

With their snipers

they don’t want to lose

Their ammunition more

They collected some

Thousands near by beach

Ordered to stand in a place

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Just in five minutes

Thousands have been killed

Yet some still vocal

The dogs poured petrol bodies burning to coals


By Tun Lin Soe


Editorial Team


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