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The poem featuring for this week was written on 12th of June 2019 by the Rohingya poet and the latest editor of The Art Garden Rohinga, Maung Abdul Khan. 


In the pleasant morning,

While you make jogging,

I wake up with news of killing, murder,

rape and torture.

On the way to office,

While you think of your career,

I hear words of abuse;

For I’m being burden as a refugee.

At humanitarian office,

While you serve people,

I’m treated lower class,

And force against my will in the same office;

For I’m seen stateless.

In the evening,

While you take rest with family in park,

I’m expelled from the play ground;

For not belonging this country to me.

In the human care field hospital,

I’m insulted;

For that is only option for my cure.

At night,

While you have sound sleep,

I awake with fear;

For not knowing when I will be killed in refugee camp.

In every split of second,

While you are promoting your life,

You don’t know,

I’m living dead as a modern slave.

© Maung Abdul Khan 

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