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27th February 2022


Witnessing the Second Genocide

By Mayyu Khan

The ranges of Mayu mountain bear witness
The waves of the Naf river bear witness
7.53 billion people on the earth watched
Even in advanced civilization of modern age,
Rohingyas faced the second genocide.

I haven’t seen the Rwanda massacre
Not even Bosnia one
Nor the one in Spain
Yet I myself witnessed Rohingya genocide for gain.

Thousands-years-old indigenous people fled the lovely steppe,
Burmese forces have smashed their hundred-year-old dream wreath.

The criminals have chosen mass rape as a tool of war
That’s accord of their blueprint,
They chosen savages of men under the ground
by the name of miscreant.

After Rohingya genocide,
Day goes on
Month goes on
Year of 365 days goes on
The worst memories of 25 August
still remain in the heart of each Rohingya

The day is marked on page of the world’s black days history.
The day that cleansed an ethnic people
While hoping the request of the World Conscience.

No more war
No more riot
No more massacre
The world’s already failed the second genocide
Let not repeat the Third World War ever
Let not repeat the third genocide ever

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