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The Weekly Feature | 23rd January 2022



The Land Of Humanity


By Swe Rohingya


O Bangladesh, the land of humanity.
You showed the world an example of humanity.
By opening your border,
you saved a million lives of my community.
We reached here exhausted, hungry and thirsty.
You provided us foods, shelters and all kinds of necessity.
You are tirelessly working to ensure our safety and security.
Now the world admires you for your generosity.
While my country won the glories of brutality.
At the hand of our government,
we lost our humane dignity.
In our country, Buddhists are majority.
Rohingya Muslims are minority.
Persecuting us for being different faith and ethnicity.
They even erased our ethnic identity.
Our every day’s life was in great anxiety.
How to survive the next day was our priority.
We appreciate and owe you for your voices of solidarity
In the fight of justice for their inhuman treatments and cruelty.
Seeking permanent solution for us showed your sagacity.
You maintain your reputation of integrity.
We have one more entreaty
To stop sending us to the island under your authority.
This debt of gratitude will be remembered by our posterity.
You are a lucky nation in reality.
For having such a leader
as the mother of humanity.
We salute her for her leadership and audacity.
We will never forget your kindness and generosity.
May peace be upon on your society!
Long live Bangladesh with peace and prosperity!

Editorial Team
The Art Garden Rohingya

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