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The Eid-Al-Fitr

By Ro BM Hairu

By the blessings and mercy of the Almighty Allah
I could fast for the full month
And perform every prayer
How I can express His gratitude
No word reaches for that nearby

At the end of the blessing month,
He gifts us another chance to apologise
For each of us regardless of seniors and juniors
With kind heart and solid devotion for everyone
No one is left behind even rich or poor
Wearing new dress and fragrance comes from the Heaven
Elder and younger are in lines for forgiveness

Muslims celebrate the Eid altogether
Embrace each other regardless of skin colour
With the best gentleness and kindness compassionately
Shaking hand in pure brotherhood
Greeting with smile from heart

Start inviting each other
No one ignores even from a beggar
The mercy of Allah flies on this day
He has the power to do everything for His creations.
Though this time is strange for us
No one can compensate for His majesty!

Editorial Team
The Art Garden Rohingya

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