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That’s My Mom

By Jahangir Alom |

What’s the matter if no degree?  
She's much more than a doctor.
She's much more than a teacher.
What happens if uneducated? 
She teaches me everything,
She guides me the best way ever.
 She has no certificate, 
But she's the world’s most excellent woman.
She's not an angel, 
But she's the most beautiful woman.
She's not a robot, 
But she is a real hero.
She works all the time,
Without fees and leaves.
 Like us, she has two legs and two hands.
But unlike us, she does everything for us.
A father can be someone for a person. 
But Mom is Mom, the most special.
No one can take her place.
Sn.Oct, E-14 
The Art Garden Rohingya

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