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That’s My Land

By Ro Anamul Hasan

Under the sky, it’s harmonious 
Shining and melodious
Inherited from ancestors
A wealthy habitat like the heaven
That’s my land, I was born in.

Forest, rivers, green gardens 
Parks, paddy field and clement seasons
Hot, cold and rain
Its naturalness, quite nonpareil
That’s my land, I fled to escape from

Cucumbers, cabbages and melons 
Along the shore, calabash and gourds
Beans and grapes on rack plenty
Vine twisted, colourful flowering plants
So greenish like chlorophyl
That’s my land, I had to leave

  Flock of parrots migrate for foods 
Sparrows make nests in corners of roofs
Hens, ducks and pigeons in ranches for poultry
Geese swimming in lagoons
Full of husbandry like breeding
That’s my land, I ancestrally belong

How beautiful my region is! 
It is naturalistic and multicultural
Its folks and ambiance call me a Rohingya
I yearn it so much but it becomes an inferno now
It takes hundred years to rebuild lives like before
I still lament my locality where I grew up
Now, a silent void like graveyard
That’s my land, I miss so much.


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