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By Ashiqu Rahman

The years have past
Yet I have the scares
Of the hard and winding roads
The times that have been
So really tough
I have the scares to prove it.

So many wrecks along the way
The fights that I have been in
The times that I would argue
I still have all the scares
From the words that
Pierced my heart.

The scares are there
They will remain
I know that it is tough
To be the man for everyone
And keep my head up high
To listen to their problems
Protect and guide them all.

To be assaulted and cussed at
Don’t feel like your appreciated
Someone always talking crap
The words that hurt I feel the pain
They puncture at the heart
The scares are there
They will remain
Way after I am gone.

Editorial Team
The Art Garden Rohingya 

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