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8Releasing Our First Anniversary Magazine

The Art Garden Rohingya is the first Rohingya community poetry and art platform. We publish poetry and other forms of artworks in print, online website and social media and hence, encouraging Rohingya writers and artists as well as promoting our literature, culture, tradition and art.


The Art Garden Rohingya was established on March 21, 2019. On this March 21, 2020, we marked the First Anniversary of the Art Garden Rohingya.

We, the Editorial Team therefore, have decided to release the anniversary magazine. Despite we are behind through this strange situation, we are releasing the Ebook of the magazine through online on August 1, 2020.


Download Magazine from Below links:

For Website html:

http://[scribd id=471071112 key=key-o5pzX4MQLR8mSC75rCJx mode=scroll]


Editorial Team

The Art Garden Rohingya

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