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My Humid Eyes

By Ro Hamedullah

My day, and night and
dwelling is false in refugee camp
My pain is the truth
My relationship is like a mirage nowadays

My damp eyes
which used to share the same dreams
crying now for being separated
My eyes which used to stay awake together at night
close now their eyelids in the morning
My wet eyes which used to share my dreams

My feet that have promised to walk together in every breath,
separate now into parting breaths
My breath is astonished,
my heart is suffocating
Why is my soul growing so slight?

Why has my hope lost to despair in refugee camp?
Why is there a storm of questions in my mind?
My innocent eyes were golden stars in Arakan
Now, they are breaking in eclipse

My eyes which used to heat under the sunlight
Now they have stopped and
looking for shade.

Editorial Team
The Art Garden Rohingya 

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