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My Dear Husband

By Tosmin Anam

To love someone is not easy
To fall in love with someone is harder
To live together whom we love is the luckiest
It’s me, the luckiest one.

The day I got married to you,
I felt I’m the happiest
Having a husband who loves me since childhood.
I left my home where I was born and grown up
Just to spend my whole life with you.

The day I arrived in your home,
I stepped in a new world
Where there is no sorrow of departing my parents,
Where the fresh air of my new life welcomes me softly
It reminds me how beautiful our future will be.

The day I realise my paradise is under your feet,
I vow myself I will be under your comfort forever.
I take care of you more than I do for myself
Just to beautify my paradise.

Now it’s been one year with you,
I felt it is just a week.
Our clock is running very fast
I wish the hour hand and
the rotating sun move slow for both of us
Just to love you with full of my heart

When your face swings,
my whole world darkens.
When I see you in pain,
I feel I am hurt.
Stretching this devoted rope,
I promise I will be loyal for you
till the last hour I can afford with you

Editorial Team 
The Art Garden Rohingya 

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