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My Birthday

Khin Maung Soe @ E.R Jani Alom

I was born in a green land
With all the spirits and loves
I was welcomed auspiciously
But I have brought no rose and candy.

Let me edify myself today
Let me reflect in radiance
Let me twinkle in my heart and smile
Let this day start either benediction or prestige
The day keeps myself so merry and bright.
May I keep growing younger in circle.

Words aren’t enough to praise
The features of beauty is nowhere
But it is not the sky of June.
The hilarity of youth is heading on
The old tree is nourishing in forest
The desert island becomes green
and lushes with colourful flowers.
The year is ending in frost.
All my pleasures are in treasures
My heart is pulsing with passion.
All seem claiming on compassion.

This day comes and goes as call of nature
It’s just another day,
but today is the best of the year.
No matter how much I remember
It seems the nearer I want it,
The further it goes
I smile at everything and care no tears
This is either vision or light of my life
I count my days by precious hours
I count my nights by stars that are not gloom
I wish to thank for keeping this the same
I could not even dream
what life would look like without this
May I have a super successful year ahead!

Note: Today (4th June, 2020) is birthday of the poet.

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