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Mom: My First Love

By Pormin Fatima @ Ma May Chit

Everyday, I thank Allah for having a Mom like you
Your love shines through
in all that you do
How lucky I’m!
To have you always by my side
Thank you Maa and I love you.

You kept me for nine months and nine days inside your womb safely
How much you cared yourself just for me
You gave me birth and showed me the world
You nurtured me, brought up and taught me the way of living a life,
When I didn’t know what to do the next
You gave accompany when I need you the most,
even now I’m under your blessings
I have your love from the beginning,
Since the moment I was born.

I feel the world is mine when I’m with you
You have ready everything in hands whenever I need
Your hands are up in prayers whenever I leave for my journey
You send powerful prayers till my destiny
You give me push to do things what I do not believe in
In my life or heart I will always be your little princess,
even now as I grew up,
I can feel the love you have given to a child.

I always see a beautiful smile on your face,
I see your hands giving love to others
I see your mouth giving nectar to others
I see you help neighbours and friends
When you are depressed,
You avoid to share whenever I ask you
What you reply always I’m fine and you don’t worry.

You are my first teacher from whom
I learned many and still learning on
If I step towards the wrong way
You always steer me to the right way
I could take step at school because of you
Now I go to higher class by your wish
because, you are unique and the best mother for me
I can speak up in front of public
Just because you have given me the strength.

How much you love me that
You always want to cheer me up
You want me to save from any risk
You want me to be loved by people
You want me to be respected by my character
Thanks to you Maa for your everything
I love you and I miss you Maa.

Sn- May, E-11
Editorial Team 
The Art Garden Rohingya 
World Mother's Day

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