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Mid-night Poem

By Jahangir Alom

Lying on the bed of death,
Every inch of me is sinking
In the ocean of your remembrance.

My heart is sick,
Tears run out in my eyes,
And I’m tired of writing sad poems.

I loved you madly,
I trusted you blindly,
Now I’m crying alone silently.

I sacrificed a lots for you,
I sacrificed myself for you,
But I didn’t stop loving you.
Why did you break my heart?

I give my best,
Just to see you smiling.
Your smile is the color,
That reflects peace to my soul.
Why did you go away leaving me?

Your remembrance and the tears,
Both come together.
Just like the wind and the rain,
In the rainy season.

So painful the nights passing without you
I need you right now beside me,
To love me beyond my imagination.

I need you to shower me,
With drops of hugs and kisses.
I need you anyway, just come back.
I just want to be influenced,
By your love
By you care.

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