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The Art Garden Rohingya Interview With the poet Dialogue Partner

December 25, 2019 |The Art Garden Rohingya|

The Art Garden Rohingya is the Rohingya community arts website. We foster the passion and talent of those young Rohingya poets and artists who strive to revive Rohingya arts and culture. We, therefore conduct the interview with our poet and artist in order to learn why he or she chose literature and started writing poetry. ​

The opinions and views in the following interview are solely those of the poet and artist and do not necessarily reflect the Art Garden Rohingya.

AG: Can you please tell us about yourself? Your name, age and township you were born in Myanmar?
DP: “I’m Dialogue Partner. It’s my pen name. I am 29 years old. I was born in Buthidaung”

AG: What is your best memory in your childhood in Myanmar?
DP: “My best memory in my childhood is the atmosphere and enjoyment of going to school with multicultural friends together wearing the same Burmese school uniform (white shirt and green longyi) despite we belong to different communities”

AG: What is your educational background?
DP: “I passed matriculation in 2008 at BEHS No. 1, Buthidaung. In 2011, I am graduated with B. A, English at Sittway university”

AG: What inspires you to write poetry? Why do you write it?
DP: “Definitely that’s the Art Garden Rohingya what inspired me to write poetry. This is the one and only poetry platform for Rohingya youth to share our feelings and show our talents being neglected and persecuted in Myanmar. I write poetry based on feelings and sufferings of our people and want to share them to the world as well as to give related messages to our youth and community through my poetry”

AG: Who is your favorite poet or writer? Why do you prefer him or her?
DP: “Saya Yar Tin (Zin Min Phyo) is my favourite poet. I prefer him because of his soulful Burmese writing style which describes the challenges faced by our people”

AG: How many poems have you published, so far in the Art Garden Rohingya?
DP: “So far, 6 of my poems were published in the Art Garden Rohingya”

AG: What is your first published poem? How did you feel seeing it published?
DP: “My first pulished poem is (အႏႈိင္းမဲ့ အမုန္း) which portrays the discriminations we have been facing in every single moment in Myanmar. I was very excited to see it published”

AG: What do you want to be in your future?
DP: “I want to be a responsible father for my children and a good writer or poet for my people”

AG: Who is your hero?
DP: “Everyone has a hero. My hero is Leonel Messi, that’s because I love football. For me, he’s the only one skilful footballer who broke almost every record. He is incomparable in the football world”

AG: What message do you want to send for Rohingya new generation?
DP: “I want to say to the Rohingya new generation that they should spend their valuable time in eduacational sectors rather than wasting their time in useless ways”

AG: What is your message for your Rohingya community?
DP: “My message for my Rohingya community is to give legacy of education to their new and future generations so then they can make their future bright and be united whatever the situation they encounter”

AG: “Thanks for your time and patience doing this interview with us”
DP: “I also thank the Art Garden Rohingya for giving me this chance to express my feelings and opinions through this interview”

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