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In Search of Peace

By Rò BZ Qaveer bin Kasim (Borgozibil)

Before 25 August, 2017 Each night was dreadful Lives in fears and insecurities raucous screams like the hell I was startled, woke up in bed Terrified eyes, exhausted body No nights I slept peacefully then

On 25 August, 2017 Thundering sounds of gunfire and launcher Shattered my heart into pieces Burning souls alive in the bonfire Slaughtering cold blooded Gang raped to mothers and sisters Handing a life sentence of imprisonment Torturing many to death Bodies perished without funeral Yet bones are deranged For proof of genocide I’m alive today to tell the world I lost thousands sadly scenario snatches my sleep

Following the killings on 25 August, My deadly journey for days and nights A long queue as far as eyes can see Migrating to neighbour on foot starving for days and nights Babies fell down from mother’s chest Trampled to dead by crashing of million feet Children forfeited their guardians’ hands Disable, elders lost the way in drove Pregnant went die and bled Some gave birth in forest on the way Women’s earrings were taken off for ferry fee

Bullet embedded, some left body’s parts behind Parting tear of native filled a lake All incidents are being conceptualised It often appears as nightmare for me yet Sometimes, I hanker for native land in burn Tell me if I can sleep or not.

Sn.Aug,E-15 22-08-2019 #TheArtGardenRohingya #RohingyaGenocideRemembranceDay

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