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In Rush of Saving Life

By Ro Yassin Abdumonab|

It’s me who didn't want to leave home
Wandering around like a bird watching its prey
All they wanted was to kill me
To eradicate from this world
But the Almighty wishes to keep me alive
It’s me running from village to village
Just to escape from burning and killing
Sought refuge in paddy fields and forests
Starving a couple of days in hide
Eating raw leaves of unwanted plants
It‘s me on the sharp edge machete  
The bleeding field was full of wounded soul
I, crawling among corpses to the safe zone
Heartbeat rate was abnormal, just about to die
Blood in the artery was circulating faster
It’s me who chased thousands of faces to flee 
The long walk I traveled for days was wayward
The river I crossed was an ocean for me
I was about to drown in the middle
A journey I experienced was unforgettable, nightmare
It’s me in the protracted refugee camps  
Still alive after nearly died of fears and worries
Got chance to survive again if though miserable plight
All I wished was just to save my life
Welcomed me here was not my expectation
Aimed not I could be here safe and out of danger
Sn.Oct, E-07 
The Art Garden Rohingya

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