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Editors’ Choice Top 5 English Poems( October, 2020)


By Ro Maroon

Many voices there

many feelings also there

sorrows there

hope also there

including you

may be lesson for someone

may be story for someone

may be history for someone

may be way for future

just close your eyes

breath slowly and

listen to your heartbeats

Note : In memorial of our late Editor,

          this poem is written on monday

          15th july  2019 at 4:33pm.

Don’t Give Up

By Tara

Don’t give up

Don’t quit

You’ve to believe things get better eventually.

The torture you gain unexpectedly

The tingle pain you get brutally

You’re broken and desperate

You’ve lost your identity

However, there is always sunshine

after every storm

Don’t give up

Don’t quit

You’ve to believe things get better

Peace that you want to taste

Rights that you’re trying to chase

Justice that you can only gaze

Discrimination that you face

Injustice makes you lost your space

Inhumanity makes you bleeding

However, there’s always a way for everything

If you want a change then take it yourself

Don’t give up

Don’t quit

You’ve to believe things get better

When you’re safe inside your mothers tummy

and you want to be dependent

like a kangaroo baby live in her mothers pouch

until she feels safe

Race that you’re irresolute

Seems all uphill

However, you’re a fighter

Don’t be a coward

Find your strength and your power

Don’t give up

Don’t quit

You’ve to believe things get better

Life is tough

But you’re tougher

The flame of tragic molds us to be stronger

Life is bitter

But you can endure

Even when you feel you’ve lost your hope and prayer

somewhere between the sky and terra

Remember, God is listening to you

He knows what you want

He counts every drop of your tears

Don’t feel hopeless

Don’t think you’re useless

You’re worthy,

you’re yourself

you’re real

You’re rare

Don’t give up

Don’t quit

You’ve to believe things get better

Revolt your negativity into


Repulse your dolour into


You’ve to be happy

Because you deserve to be

Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Potency of Unity

By Abdu Rahman & Pan Thar

Unity is a part of human strength

which beautifies not only people

but also the entire world

Be united within community.

This form is the basis of a good

social order and ensures

peace and harmony for the entire society.

Be united within community.

We come across inevitable obstacles

in our individual and social lives

that determine our identity into unity.

Be united within community.

The full spectrum of society

those who might not look at twice,

If we don’t share a common humanity

and feel a sense of connectivity in oath

So, be united within community.

The Greatest Mother

By Azimul Hasson @Michel Azumu

She shared me her breath

She shared me her blood

She shared me her flesh

She shared me her heartbeat

She shared me her world

For nine months,

That’s my mother who shared me

Much more than herself

Cries of the Helpless Hearts

By Sadek Huxein

Now the distance to our homes

Seems as equal as the one to the moon

We could only look at it from afar.

The blazing smoke from our homes

Unwillingly dyed the sky into red

Surely the sky must be upset

The feet of us are too tired

Incapable to run anymore

Begging for the mercy to bestow a rest

We had to turn this cold earth to our pillow

Seeking solace in its embrace

That fellow humans could not provide.

This days we promise to ourselves

Every tear of the aged, infants, children and women

Shall give birth to gigantic plants

That give us shelter and protect

From moronic, destructive and inhumane…

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