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Editor’s Choice Best (5) English Poems

August, 2021.

My  Land

– Kaladan Star

My land_

That illuminates in fascination,

With the outstanding beauty of nature,

Its beauties are so magnificent,

Akin to the lyrics of an ideal versifier,

Which spits up different treasures ;

Which is complete with diverse nation;

Which is the land of my ancestors.

Which is my ancestral recognition.

Rohingya Refugees


It’s raining

Pouring severely

Wind is blowing

My tarpaulin tent is collapsing

Fear and sorrow the whole night

Yet wind is striking

Rain is pouring and pouring Water getting into my tent

Children are crying

Mothers are weeping

The next day is flooding


killing and drowning

Ah! Refugee life!


Khin Maung Lwin @ Lone Wolf

Peek into your heart, I fall

It’s boundless extant like the universe, I float

Unable to connect the base, I ache.

Gaze into your eyes, I slip.

It’s infinite deep like the occean, I sink.

Unable to catch the shore, I drown.


Sarah (Htoo May)

Not be narrow-minded

Not be a fault-finder,

Enough tears and sorrows,

Time to penetrate ourselves with enlightenment.

Reconstitute our society

Rely on our strength,

Stay united and learning,

We must walk on our own path.

To free from the darkest place:

To free our soul:

Just look outside the world and take lessons;

Be positive and keep going on;

As we grow enlightened.


By Jude Chukwu

Allah Akbar!

The sun rises

with the muezzin’s call to prayer reaching the skies.

The month comes with rain:

but the cloud pours out bullets


with water:

but the ocean gives us

blood, the blood of our siblings.

‎الله يوفقنا                                                                                       

“We are leaving now?”

“Where, Papa?”

“We are leaving to Bangladesh. The dead can’t bury the dead.”

သူတို့က ငါတို့ကို သတ်ပစ်နေတယ်

The voice of grief is approaching, it echoes into our street

& our mothers dance to the rhythm of his beats, writhing and falling.

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