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By Maid Corbic



Nothing in the world is more important

From your own mind map

Which we often resort to

Seeking an imagination that always knows

To obscure the movement of life


First love brings a smile

But also troubles, we often stay in tears

Because everything that is beautiful is short-lived

But just never do

That you always have to suffer for love


Sometimes it’s best to stay alone

Because today’s world is selfish actually

Too much is given for too little

And on the first problem the same thing happens

The door slammed shut, but don’t suffer

Because everything will come back in the end!



About Poet: Maid Corbic is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the city of Tuzla. He is 20 years old and writes poetry in his free time. He likes it most when people around him are happy and when they rule the Earth well, without any hatred. He is also a graphic and web designer and he adores it a lot. Poetry writing started ten years ago, and he writes long-minded love songs. He is also the ambassador of Syria in literature and many award winners. Several of them are quotes from Poetry Planet and the winning song, and publications in the print media KNS – Sarajevo and Kosovski Bozuri, and the collection “Sea in the palm of your hand” and “Stories from isolation” was at the International Poetry Festival in Bangladesh, where his poetry will be translated into Bengali called “He Runs Away” and “Don’t Call Me”. He loves to play the keyboard and loves to sing, and in that area he is a professional pianist.




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