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Aug 2023

6. Mon or Caantí: Drawing is my soul and painting it is making-up my mind. Only this relieves me from the waves of anxiety. -Artwork by Htoo Myat Hsan (12 years) Sn.P/D06-07-2020 (26-07-2020) Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya   relieve ...

Aug 2022

Jul 2022

1.Kurbaanya Goru   -Art by Mohammed Ismail Sn.P/D-01-07-2020 (17-07-2020) Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya

Aug 2020

13. Rong dong: Attraction of beauty and beauty of attraction.     Sn.P/D03-08-2020 (08-08-2020) Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya
12. Rohingyar Seraak: Portrait of Wai Wai Nu, one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine in 2015 and the recipient of the Hillary Clinton Award from Georgetown University in 2018. [caption ...
11. Munajaat: May Allah flourish the strenght of our faith, courage and perseverance in this auspicious day. Ameen...     Sn.P/D01-08-2020 01-08-2020 Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya

Jul 2020

10. Kúcir Qurban Mubarak: Wishing Happy Eid Ul-Adha to all Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.   -Artwork by Ro Zyan (22 years) Sn.P/D09-07-2020 (31-07-2020) Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya
9. Hál Cacc: Arakan was cultivated by our Rohingya ancestors. Agriculture is backbone of our people in Arakan. The fertile soil and hidden natural resources. Today, our Arakan becomes a brand new inferno.   -Digital illustration ...
8.Naf Dojja: The Naf River witnesses Rohingya's sufferings. Its waves cradle blood of our wound.   -Artwork by Raza Meen Din Sn.P/D08-07-2020 (29-07-2020) Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya
5. Doloin: Rohingya traditional rice-grinder, invented by Rohingya ancestors in the ancient time in Arakan. Since then it has been widely used across Arakan. Today it is rarely found in Arakan since modern machinery ...
4. King Khan: The sketch of Shahrukh Khan, the Bollywood's superstar. -Artwork by Raza Min Din Sn.P/D04-07-2020 (22-07-2020) Editorial Team #TheArtGardenRohingya