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NOCÁ: The First Rohingya Poetry Collection
Author: Rohingya Young Poets Category: Publisher: The Art Garden Rohingya Published: 25 Aug, 2021 ISBN: Pages: 201 Country: Arakan, Myanmar Language: Rohingya Dimension: 4.89 in ×7.20 in File Size: 13 mb Tags:Book | Nocá | Rohingya Poetry |

NOCÁ: Rohingyar Kholomor Sólahiyot

NOCÁ, the first Rohingya poetry collection,  has more than a hundred Rohingya poems brilliantly composed by Rohingya young poets from the refugee camps and beyond. On August 25, 2021 as the 4th anniversary of the Rohingya Genocide(the latest Rohingya exodus), we are going to publish the collection online and readers can download and read it in free.


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