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A Motherless Migrant

By Sahat @ Zia Hero Naing

The wall of salty water 
The floor under the sea
Shade of the clouds
Gloomy nights with the thunderstorms
Sleeping under the restless waves
Pillow is the turtle Mornings of seascapes
Evenings in the gardens of floating trees
Davy jones’s locker on the ice-floe
The cylcone sang 
Danced the premature island
My life ended at the coastline
Coronach of the starving sharks
Mourners the abalones and the gannets
Floating at a gulf
After dipped some days
Meal for the auks
But, It's not a murder 
I suicided my life
I was survived from the war
Suffered of no land
A motherless migrant
Neglected by the earth
The Ocean is my graveyard
Sn.Oct, E-12 
The Art Garden Rohingya

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