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A Little Human By Nang Poe

His little heart full of desire to learn His honest eyes full of hope to read His defined lips full of eagerness to pronounce the As and Bs He giggles while he tries to mimic my funny dance to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

He is free when he learns He is full when he learns He forgets when he learns

….that he is confined, restricted, hated, unaccepted.

How can I explain to this little human-

That’s because he does not look like me? I cannot have sympathy for him?

Because he was brought up in this corner of the world, people believe he did not deserve to live

In what language do I tell him where I came from, what my hometown looks like, how I grew up … when he will never have the chance to ever visiting my hometown.

How can I make myself understand that why he a kid – like I once was, does not get the chance to be just a kid when he has done no wrong in this world?

About the Poet; Nang Poe is from Myanmar working for a rights-based organisation. She believes that every child has a right to citizenship, to enjoy childhood, access to healthcare and education.

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