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A Boy With A Violin

By Mujibur Rahaman

I can create an arrow that makes tones
To shoot at you and fix your heart
Pain separates between as me too hurt
Making an affection in multi-hearted zones.

Nestlings on the tree feel and shoot together
Hunters get hurt and share compassion
Embedded, and it diffuses emotions
So helpless, the enthusiasm makes a matter.

I can create a shadow that shades the love
To take rest under, and have a diary to read
It imparts softly and invites the birds to sit
It wings around to fix your broken heart.

Nestlings under shadow sing it in concert
Hunters weep and share love forever
We sing together and assent to hurt never
All we gather and create a beautiful heart.

It does work even in a day of drizzling
And it makes glee, a grimful heart
Light of the love makes you Independent bird
For the eternal beats of my keen violin.

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