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We Are One

By Aida G. Roque

Address: 27308 Valley Run Dr. Wilmington, Delaware, USA 19810

From a seed that sprouts 
from the ground, endless
branches of vines entwines
Growing in variegated sizes,
colors and shapes

From one root, we matured 
in different ideals, race,
colors and beliefs
Branching in millions diversity
of multi-cultures and ethnicity

From a small seed, we all came, 
sprouted from the ground
branching out and swerve in
creeds and traditions
but when mother’s nature calls for refuge,
we bonded as one

As one 
like a huge tree,
standing firm from the ground,
assemble as one unit of cluster,
to prevent us from eroding, greediness,
and praying together, to get refuge
from heaven above


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