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The Ocean in My Dream

By Parmin Fatima

It’s a place where there is the dreamland but, Non of us can try to stay because it’s too much deep It’s a place where there is the diamond waves and romantic sounds which make lunatic our hearts, That’s the weather of sorrow and the storm with merciless hearts

It’s a beautiful moment where there is love with the sweetest cool, It’s hottest fire burnt lives and souls

It’s a calamitous song where she is singing with her blazing eyes, It’s collapsing the entire world and the roses of a butterfly

Filled of tears mixed with the blood of victims upon it, The concentrated and liquid of sulphuric acid falling from the steep slope like the cascades

I’m asking the name of that ocean, It’s the Arakan of my nation 25 August is a creative nature of my nation.

The roses were my hopes. I’m a servant of my luck, It makes me a goal-less butterfly around the globe.

#August25 #GenocideRemembranceDay

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