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The Island of Ghosts

By Roshidullah Kyaw Naing

I’m a human like you all in the world
Living in this floating island is,
Living together with ghosts
It’s surrounded by hunting seas
Roaring waves like the wild animals
My head surrounds with stress and fear
I am taken here against my will
This island is the graveyard

I’m a human like you all in the world
Don’t perish me in this island
Niether hospital nor relief here
No human to hear my scream
No exit to escape
Only to survive as living dead

I’m a human like you all in the world
Without crime, I faced systematic genocide
Now I am facing ignorance
I don’t want to die here
Don’t make me the food of fishes
Here the mouth of the seas is the pole

In this island,
Every time I see the ghosts
Every night I am killed
Every morning I survive again

#This poem is based on the fear and despair of those Rohingya who were forcely relocated to the Bhasan Char Island in this month. They were those who tried to reach Malaysia by boats and the Malaysian authorities pushed them back and the Bangladeshi government relocated to the island.

Sn- May, E-18
Editorial Team 
The Art Garden Rohingya 

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