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The Eid Festival

By -ေမာင္တ်ာတ်ာ

Before the Eid festival,
We are busy to buy new dresses
We clean our houses to streets
Family members who are far away
Come back home for reunion

At the eve of the festival,
Our eyes at ths sky to see the new moon
The next morning, it is the Day
We rush for shower and wear new dresses
We are soon on the way to mosque
To perform the Eid prayer altogether

On the way to mosque,
The crowd of children, making noise around
Some fly ballons
Others play the toy-flute

Nearby the mosque,
Some people sell traditionan snacks
Eating Samuza together with friends is
So special and great feeling for us

After the prayer,
Some go to cemetery to send remembrance for deceased souls
Others visit parents and embrace each other

Now the time to visit relatives
For children, it is the most excited thing
As they receive Eidi from elders
Visiting relatives is a great time

The Day is the most special
The day of blessings
The day of reunion
The day of spreading love

But this year, during pandemic
We cannot celebrate as usual
And not enjoy like last year
With your care and our care
With your strength and our strength
Stay at home
Let’s beat this Covid-19 altogether.

Editorial Team
The Art Garden Rohingya

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