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Phone Is My Life

By Shukkur Khan @ Ro Maung Nyan Tun

The one I can learn education through
is my phone.
The one which tells me the time is my
The one which assists me to see in darkness
is my phone.
The one which reminds me my forgotten
words is my phone.
The one which helps me to learn new
thing is my phone.
It helps me to remove my sadness with
pleasant songs.
It helps me to make myself happy
It helps me to motivate myself
It helps me to note things in my life
It helps me to understand what is going
on in the world
My phone is my dude.  
It is my life.
It is my opportunity.
It is my university.
It is my notebook.
It is my guiding star.
It is everything for me.
It wakes me up with alarm on time.  
It indicates me through map to seek
my friends.
It helps me to offer new things from
global market.
It helps me to communicate around
the world.
It helps me to see face to face with friends
and relatives who are far away
Having no phone means having no life
for me.
Losing internet is losing source of
survival for me.
No communication, no information
We are in darkness, technical darkness.
The Art Garden Rohingya

About the Poem; Since September 1, the Bangladesh government cuts off the internet and mobile services for over one million Rohingya refugees in refugee camps, Cox’s Bazaar. This poem tells how the life of a Rohingya refugee without the internet looks like in camps.

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