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That’s a nightmare to me
The day to end my life
Buses came to take me
I was about to run, but they came faster
As a woman in the barbarous camp
Barbed wire fencing across
No gate to evade
My children and I were captured
I cried the loudest and got unconscious
But no one to protect us
They dragged me out
My dead body reached to the island

I have survived the war crimes in Myanmar
But, I couldn’t escape from life
This is not a land of earth,
I would not have a new life
This is a flood-prone one
Like a graveyard, all water around
They buried me with hopes,
submerged the future of my children
The waves roars louder than my children cry
Is this only the water or hill so far?
Ah! I left the earth very far away.

A place like a sinking ship
In the ocean of open-mouthed
I see the women; the old prisoners
Didn’t they welcome, but crying
They expressed nightmarish condition
These uniformed and gunned guards
On this floating land far from the horizon
A field to be harassed
The night lives by roar of the sea,
the knocks to the door from hell
I hugged my children in my chest
Like a hen in face of the dark rooks.

I could have a dream if I fall sleep
In the morning, I see the monsters
The sun rises from the sea
The water joins the sky
Trees struggle to grow on this salty island
No flowers of hope bloom here
Fishes for meals, water to drink
I fear of if they will take revenge
They are enjoying a victory
I’m shrieking inside the throat of sharks
The ending of me so vulnerable
Crossing the river doesn’t end my suffering
And my peace is at risks.

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