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By Mohammad Shafi

I was born to two Burmese citizens 
All were exiled in 90s
Snatched away our citizenship 
Power applied in negative ways

Walked for days and nights 
No sleep and food in jungle 
Pavements without streets 
With sweets my father shared 
Swelled feet and emaciated bodies

Crossed the Naf with canoe 
Pirates attacked in the middle 
Took away our belongings with boatmen 
That’s what I call inhuman

Slapped on my dad’s face 
Couldn’t forget for days
Floated without paddles 
The current dragged to another shore

Food and water provided 
Remember always the help
People I come to knew
Unable to express the view

Got makeshift shelter 
Registration happened 
Improper facility but few things free
Swearing all in above are true

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