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By Ahtaram Shine

I am lonesome
Begging a chance
blubber out to learn
My screaming is loud
Spreading it in the air
Floating with high tide in the sea 
“The hearers enjoying it as the song of Nightingale”

Being a son of Rohingya,
No right to learn 
Tomorrow the same thing will be for my future son
The day after tomorrow, for my grandson 
How would their life be? 
Won’t all be illiterate?

Today my grandparents faced 
Massive condemn of grandchildren 
That they’ve done their past spoilt 
But not figured out that
they were banned beyond segregations
As I experienced today

I am dreadful now, 
That the day after tomorrow, 
I must face the same damn
From my upcoming generations

As ultimate consequence, 
I want to be an educated person 
To civilize myself, 
my son and my community
I want to be civilised 
To rescue my people from victimisation 
I want to stand as a strong panther
For my upcoming generations

Now I am humbly appealing 
to give us right to learn 
Let me civilize my life,
my family and my community
No matter where we are in

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