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Killing My Soul

By Sahat@Zia Hero Naing

I'm a Rohingya, a refugee  
lazy and a little crazy
So much time I have
It is killing my soul.
The losing time
Days are big devils,
The cold comfort days
The sunsets are threatening me,
And the nights are so roaring
So agonising indeed
Help me, please  
All I want, a normal life, simple one
Ocean of pain in my mind
A dismal and unconscious mind
I'm between life and death
Disappeared the future
Fearing of mind crash
Posttraumatic stresses of the east
Fearing of heart-failure
I miss my past,
So many accesses to walk
But, missed the ways to survive
Help me, please  
I want to be a humanitarian.
I want the rights to work for humanity.
No need visibility to show the humanity.
Want to help my community
They are my strength.
I want to unite all of them.
Help me, please  
I want to awake my community.
Their vulnerability is not their weakness.
Want to awake their capabilities
Want to fight for impartiality
Want to fight for their rights
Help me, please  
I want to awake the world.
My community is sinking in a man-made sea.
We shouldn't keep sleeping.
They are dying to survive.
We shouldn't keep seeing
Suffering of helpless for the needs
Hopeless for the future,
the riskiest for the genocide survivors
Sn.Nov, E-5 
The Art Garden Rohingya

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