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Heal The World

By Heydayet Ullah Heydayet Khan

Heal the world,
by saving your life,
your family,
your community,
your country,
and your world.

Is not cure better than prevention?
To save the world,
shall not we take precautions?

Heal the world,
by following social awareness
and necessary precautions.

COVID-19 prioritizes no earthing,
it eradicates the whole,
we shall realize the luminosity in fold!

Heal the world,
by staying at your home
with instructed rules and regulations.

In practical sense,
ensure social distancing strictly

Stay safe,
there must be ample chance
to save yourself and all others

The world is dull and marky dark,
nowhere is animated enough
to live with any track.

People are dying every day
COVID-19 saga has culminated
in use of masks and sanitizers.

The more cases we treat,
the more new cases it resurfaces.

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