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Editors’ Choice Top (5) English Poems

June, 2021


Dream of Freedom

I’ve been wide awake since

I was born,

Just to taste once freedom

My actual vision is still on that.

Despite being human,

Even a dream can’t be fulfilled

On contrary, surviving in globe is easier

said than done for me.

Without freedom,

nothing can easily be brought

And my spirit is profoundly weeping so far.

Now, I myself have figured out

Anyhow, do fight for freedom in order to live peacefully

That you and I must.

By Ramjan Ali M-Alam

The Land Of Grief

As of the day of my birth,

Seeking a land of peace on earth.

Faced and explored near and far,

Later found in Myanmar.

Again getting to know a land of grief.

Aspired to raise own with age,

Grew up as a grievous bird in cage.

Desired to have a home-rule life,

Forced to walk on edge of knife.

As it’s a land of grief.

Dreamed to sleep in a tranquil bed,

Raped to give up to death.

Wished to feel breeze of nature,

Felt entirety except peace of creature.

As it’s a land of grief, Arakan.

By Ro Anwar Farook

Why I was Born?

For being who I’m,

I’m told I’m not good

I’m told I’m not loving

I’m told I’m not caring

I’m told I’m not helpful

I’m told I’m not useful

I’m told I’m a mistake

I’m told I’m a problem.

I’m told I’m not responsible

I’m told I’m not active

I’m not I’m not punctual

I’m told I’m not disciplined

I’m told I’m not responsive

I’m told I’m not friendly.

I’m told I’m not a good daughter.

I’m told I’m not a good sister.

I’m told I’m just a girl.

I’m told I’m not good mannered

I’m told I’m not perfect.

Being a girl,

I was born for no reasons?

So, why then I was born?

I try not to take it serious,

it still hurts me every time.

However I’m still a girl,

and a woman!

I have no objection of being myself,

I’m grateful for being who I am.

I whisper to myself, “I’m just perfect”

That’s me, who was born myself,

Only be myself forever.

Girls, I represent you and all as I’m, within me, beside me.

You, I and all are just perfect

Just because we are girls

Just because we are women.

             By Parmin Fatema@MaMayChit

The Power of Fate

Imagination returned to me;

the image of my childhood friend,

The surging excitement of his existence never failed

to distinguish him from a friend,

We studied together and aimed to acquire treasure,

It was a memory of excitement,

bewilderment and deep pleasure.

My childbirth surpasses his birth with a year,

My family and his generation are near and dear,

We grew up under the canopy of light,

Dutiful to parents, family and

friends is our delight.

Observing the obligatory

prayers was enjoined on us,

We were taught to do away with some matters that are superflous,

And not to be bystanders in time of violence,

But to involve in preventing violence

in time of turbulence.

Before we part; we’re imitating the rightful path,

Till that fateful day

when I crossed his path,

I found him in the midst of hoodlums,

He forgot how we spent our childhood and

abandoned our norms.

He once dreamed to be among the Superstars,

What a bad fate!

He became the leader of gangsters,

It was quite excruciating to witness

how he was killed like a bat,

A lowly creature to be mocked and laughed at.

             By Clerick Omo Alfa

My life

Everyone defines me as a parasite

Who relies on others

Not as a human being.

I can’t pretend to there

where I was born

though I fitted in it.

I can’t budge anywhere

I can’t possess to my beloved home

where I laid down my backbone.

I am not a crook

to lay down anywhere

Being a human has to be a pacifist.

To survive as a hummingbird

to throw the unbearable life

Which occurs me as a dumb.

I can’t dwell here as a jungle-animal.

It is nightmare every night that

Evacuates me away from here.

         By Ebrahim

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