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Editors’ Choice Best 5 English Poems

July 2021


I Am Strong Alone

By Ishrat Bibi

I made a choice to live my life
It made me strong alone
So strong alone on my way
I feel released when I’m myself
Some say “those who fly alone have the strongest wings”,
And I can handle any challenges
in my life alone
It is hard
But to fight alone
I can’t keep my strength locked inside
I won’t let my weakness stop my strides
I am not weak if I could cry
After my tears dry
It made me strong alone
Sometimes, I look back and think
How far I have overcome alone
I keep moving and moving alone
I pull myself up when I feel low
I walk on my own path
If I follow my path, I will meet my own truth
The moon is alone,
but it gives light to others
The sun is alone too, but it shines itself for others
Can we just walk alone
to give light to others
but not to harm?

Roaring People

By D.M. Morwan (TP)

Blowing breeze over my head
like a sparrow swinging in nest
waddle up and flatter me to peek over
a roar of crowd like-disabled
wailing behind me
my tender mind hurts to perceive
what this roaring is of.
The four directions prohibit me
to move on to where I’m alone forwarding
still I hear the roar of mass people
I drag my mind to what a crowd of
chained people
in a separated sac thrown away
on the footpath that I came across.

We Never Give Up

By Maung Maung Khin (Pacifist Spider)

Your power forces us to surrender
But our suffering endeavours us.
Your inhumanity divides us
But our diversity unites us.
Your brutality disfranchises us
But our might strengthens us to fight.
Your guns break us apart
But our pens help us to hold our heads high.

I Swallow My Tears

By Azaadi

Every time I cry,
I cover my mouth by hands.
And I swallow my tears.
I cry and cry but through my veins.
And I swallow my tears.
I swallow the rage on those of my friends
who abandon me since then
because they will have to speak the truth.
I swallow the ignorance of those of my leaders
who say nothing against injustice within.
I swallow the bitterness of failure
of the community whom I see as my judge.
Each day I survive, I am killed
Fear chases me
Darkness haunts me
I breathe but not the air
I run but can’t escape
It’s been 1095 days today.
I am a victim of victim.
I seek justice first from my people
Justice to let me cry loudly
Justice to help me find the truth
Poet’s Note: I am a pupil and one of my greatest mentors was abducted three years ago today but the family has no information nor whereabouts of my mentor. The family seeks justice for their father.

Am I Not a Human?

By Kaladan Star

Amid the universe of the creator,
Akin to a little ball floating high in the air,
This planet orbits around a star,
Whose light enables the planet brighter;
The star with its companions are far away;
The existence of which is in an impressive array,
When I behold them shining in the heaven;
From our planet where my birth was given,
Neither I have a wish to be surprised visiting them;
Nor I have rights to possess and occupy them
As they are not from my planet;
I never get hurt if they beset;
All say this earth is the only shelter;
For every living thing, which is a comforter;
For every human, a place of liberty;
A place of worship; a place of activity.
To sing altogether, the song for peace;
To breathe together, in harmony and ease;
With being correlated, not being discriminated
In the name of religion, not being agitated;
But, I am the one, with ill-fated allotment;
Having nobody’s compassion, facing the affront;
And suffering from maltreatment.
Is it only for me that this earth is different?
Perhaps, I’m not a human.
Every creation has its own recognition;
Even an insect has its own name and nation.
Even though I am with my own identity;
Even though I am with my ancestral name already,
Why am I forced to be known as a migrant?
Perhaps, I’m not a human.
Unjustly restricted, my freedom of movement,
Why am I trapped to be stateless in my land?
Why am I forced to be homeless in my land?
Why am I pre-planned to be illiterate in my land?
Perhaps, I’m not a human.
Why do you regard me as your enemy?
I’m sincere to have your faithful company.
My relation with you is biological.
Like the blood flows in your vessel,
Let’s see in me; you will find the same.
Like the one who created you,
My creator is the same.
Even though I am like you,
Why am I not treated the same?
Even though I am from you,
Why do you go against my claim?
Even though I am like you,
Why do you force me to erase my real name?
Don’t you think I am a human?


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